Italea Emilia-Romagna

Welcome to ITALEA Emilia-Romagna, the place where passion for our roots is intertwined with professional experience in the tourism industry. We are “EMILIA-ROMAGNA nel mondo APS,” a group of tourism experts committed to creating authentic experiences, offering a journey to the heart of Emilia-Romagna’s traditions, history and culture. We operate with an extensive network of collaborations spanning the entire territory, ensuring comprehensive and in-depth coverage of the riches of our region, with the assurance that we can guide you in the design and implementation of your roots journey.

EMILIA-ROMAGNA is famous for being a region of heart, devoted to hospitality and cheerfulness. Just as we are passionately dedicated to sharing and spreading our love for our homeland, working hard to promote and enhance our roots.

The activities we carry out include:

– Genealogical research

– Creating ready-to-live itineraries to rediscover your Emilia-Romagna origins.

– Design and implementation of ad hoc itineraries, assembled to meet specific requests and needs of each traveler.

– Dissemination and management of Italea Card, a passport of root travelers offering an exchange of territorial welcome and promotion of operators.

– Cultural Promotion: We actively collaborate with local governments, cultural associations and institutions to promote the cultural richness of our region through cultural initiatives, workshops, events and outreach moments.

– Events and Initiatives: We organize events, conferences and initiatives that celebrate Emilia-Romagna’s cultural heritage, engaging the community and creating lasting connections.