Are you familiar with MIGRER?

22 February 2024

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The MIGRER Virtual Museum of Emigration is a meaningful and engaging project created by the Council of Emilia-Romanians Worldwide. This portal aims to connect and preserve the stories and experiences of people from Emilia-Romagna who have moved abroad, creating a bridge between the past and the present.

The goal of nullifying distances, both spatial and temporal, by providing a virtual place where memory and experiences mingle with the contemporary, is a truly innovative initiative. Narrating the stories of those who left their homeland to live in other parts of the world is a powerful way to enhance the experiences of this community, contributing significantly to the history of the region and country in which they settled.

The collection of about a hundred stories and the invitation to young people to share their experiences through the “add your story” section are valuable elements. This stimulates interaction and active participation, allowing young people to connect with the stories of past generations and share their own experiences. This helps to keep Emilia-Romagna’s culture and heritage alive in the world.

We invite you to visit the site!

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