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Italian Language Week in the World in Ferrara

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The event: Italian in the world


Throughout the third week of October 2024, the most important event dedicated to the Italian language unfolds on several fronts of cultural offerings: countless in fact will be the artists, writers, filmmakers, who will promote Italian in the world again this year.

From October 14 to 20, anything is possible!


Each year space is given to a central theme on which to reflect comprehensively. Last year, for example, the central theme was “Italian and sustainability.”

The protagonists become all men and women in the world, Italian communities, schools and every cultural institution. This event is borderless and reaches every corner of the world through one great goal: to cherish and enrich the culture of peoples and to emphasize that the loss of any language is a cultural defeat.


In all cities but also in small towns and the suburbs of Emilia-Romagna it will be wonderful to participate in performances, reflections, lectures, theater, and concerts that will make us love our colorful language. An immersive experience of Italian-ness will be organized throughout the week by giving the opportunity to participate during this week in Italian language classes, and why not, even followed by moments of exchange with Italian descendants who are testimonies of an Italian handed down from the first emigrant fellow citizens that evolves over time.


Accompanied by expert connoisseurs of the Italian language, root tourists will have the opportunity to learn more about Italian culture by combining cultural appointments with small language courses and tasting moments. The magic of Italian Language Week around the world will allow every tourist of the roots to rediscover traditions and experience them in person, and then be able to pass them on.




14 October 24

21 October 24


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Ferrara, FE, Italia

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